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What is a dental prosthesis ?

A dental prosthesis is a general term that includes both fixed dental prostheses such as dental crowns, dental bridges (of natural tooth or implant), and also the removable dental prosthesis also called denture or dental prosthesis stabilized 4 dental implants.

Fixed dental prosthesis : crown and bridge dental

What is a dental crown ?



A dental crown is a "false" tooth, made of ceramic.

It helps restore the aesthetics and function of a tooth damaged, broken, decayed or weakened.

The dental crown is installed on your root or a dental implant fixed in advance in the jaw bone.
The result is a new tooth, the natural look, you can choose the color and type of ceramic.
The ceramic crown can be a metal-ceramic crown or a ceramic zirconium crown, depending on
your needs and your budget.

What is a dental bridge ?

Bridge sur implants



A dental bridge is a set of crowns (at least three) connected to each other, to replace one or more missing teeth.

A dental bridge is installed on natural teeth, previously cut to accommodate the bridge or dental implants.




The metal-ceramic dental crown or bridge is a crown or bridge ceramic on metal base. The crown, as the ceramic bridge has a metal frame. This type of ceramic is most commonly used for fixed dentures.

Denture, crown or ceramic called zirconium bridge is a ceramic based on zirconium, white material as strong as metal, and having the advantage of providing a superior cosmetic result, more natural and therefore higher. Zirconium ceramic crown is recommended for visible teeth.

You can, thanks to the installation of dental prostheses such as crowns, find a fixed and aesthetic teeth and smile and like hundreds of our patients

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