Dental Implant and Sinus lift

Control of the sinus lift

What is a sinus lift ?

The dental clinic in Spain EL CEDRO and his team of dentists, specialists in implantology, master all surgeries bone grafts, including grafts also called sinus Sinus lift.
The dental implants requires a sufficient volume of bone to promote good osseointegration in the bone of your jaw.
If you do not have enough bone to the site where you need a dental implant, a bone graft is then to consider in order to make the installation possible implant.

Two cases:



1. In the upper molars (position 17-16 - 15) and (25 - 26-27), when they are absent, the dentist is often confronted with a lack of bone volume.

2. In the mouth, the upper molars often have their roots in the sinuses. It therefore often happens that the maxillary bone is not thick enough to allow the introduction of an implant.



This is due to the presence, at this level, the maxillary sinus is a cavity filled with air. Therefore, to consider the placement of dental implants in the area, it is first necessary to perform a sinus lift or sinus graft.


Current technology enables some bone graft into the sinus.

It is simply to increase your bone volume in height in order to proceed with the placement of the dental implant securely and allow the best chance of successful healing of the implant.

If it seems complicated, the dental technology is perfectly safe and commonly performed by dentists clinic El Cedro.

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