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Immediate placement of a dental implant in Spain

Control of the immediate loading of dental implants in Spain

Dental clinic in Spain EL CEDRO and his team of dentists , specialists in implantology , master the latest techniques in advanced surgery in implantology.

Our dentists in Spain, experts in placing dental implants, make available to their patients and the most modern technologies such as immediate loading of dental implants, also called immediate dental implant surgery methods .

Other methods and technologies such as dental implant without opening gingiva ( Flapless ) and the achievement of bone grafts prior to implant such as sinus grafting, also called Sinus lift are perfectly mastered by our dentists in Spain.

What is the placement of dental implants for immediate loading ?

Conventionally, in the context of the conventional management of dental implants , the operating protocol requires a two stage surgical treatment , comprising a range of 3 to 6 months , during which the patient wears a temporary mobile dental prosthesis , impractical and aesthetic before the final installation of its prostheses ( crown or bridge) .

If this dental technology is now perfectly safe with a success rate of over 98 %, it is not ideal in terms of patient comfort .

The immediate loading of dental implants is a new operating protocol developed by specialists in implantology and has significant benefits for both the patient and the dentist.

The Protocol of immediate loading of an implant

Placing the dental implant , the prosthetic pillar and the provisional tooth ( attached directly to the implant ) in a single operation.

The temporary teeth are resin. As their name suggests, they are temporary.

They are therefore intended to be replaced by a denture : ceramic crown or bridge in the 2nd phase of therapy , 3-6 months later , after the bone has healed well around the dental implant .

Benefits of immediate loading implants for the patient

Find a smile with new teeth immediately !

With immediate loading of dental implants, the patient immediately found and fixed aesthetic teeth.
During the interval of 3 to 6 months , the patient wears provisional fixed teeth . He finds comfort in chewing and a satisfactory cosmetic result , besides the patient can resume his social life immediately.

The placement of a dental implant immediate loading is the way to go when it is specified by the dentist. It helps to prevent bone loss due to extraction and to maintain the existing bone structure .
As part of a conventional load setting of dental implants , the final denture will be installed after the healing time 3 to 6 months , but in the meantime, the patient regains the comfort level of mastication and satisfactory cosmetic result .

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