Dental implant without opening the gingival

Implant control and flapless method

What is the placement of dental implants without opening gum?

It is a method practiced in modern implantology dental clinic EL CEDRO in Tenerife.
With advances in computer technology and control of the latest techniques in implant dentistry, our dentists in Spain, experts in implantology, are able to perform the installation of your dental implants without opening gums or stitches.
This technique  is also called Flapless, is now a small revolution in the field of implantology.

With this technique, there is no need to incise or off the gum to place implants, which greatly reduces the time of surgery and the postoperative (edema and pain). Only a circular aperture of a few millimeters (generally equivalent to the diameter of the implant) is necessary for the placement of the dental implant.


The conditions for an implant without opening the gingiva

Have sufficient bone volume (height and width) and quality.

The benefits for the patient


Little or no bleeding

Postoperative are minimal: little or no swelling

No pain following dental implants


The surgery time is reduced to only 15 minutes on average implant

Cauterization of dental implants is faster due to non release of the gingiva

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