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Dental Implant: what is an implant ?




Dental implants are artificial roots fixed in the jaw to hold a crown or bridge for one or more missing teeth.

The placement of a dental implant is recognized as the best solution to replace one or more teeth in a fixed manner.

This is an artificial root to Establish in the jaw bone (called Expired dental implant), and Then was fixed dental prosthesis, called dental crown or dental bridge according to cases.


The dental implant in Spain, has been around for 50 years. This procedure is perfectly controlled and secure in the dental clinic El Cedro.

Over 1000 dental implants are placed annually by our dentists in Spain with a success rate of over 98%.

Thanks to the crowns or bridges on dental implants, you can find a fixed and aesthetic teeth and smile and, like hundreds of our patients.

The proof in pictures



                                           BRIDGE ON DENTAL IMPLANTS

  Denehau2      Denehau3  

The technique used to place a dental implant

Our dental specialists in dental implantology mastered the most advanced techniques such as dental implants and gum without opening without stitches (Flapless), the dental implants for immediate loading pose, with immediate placement of a fixed temporary dental crown or dental bridge and the realization of bone grafting and sinus filling (sinus lift).

Brand of dental implants used

We use dental implants brands GC TECH AADVA and Nobel Biocare. These brands of dental implants are among the most recognized worldwide for their advanced technology and their high success rate.

The progress of treatment with a dental implant in Spain

Placing a dental implant is done in two stages :

> Step 1: dental implants - 3-5 working days

Day 1 : Total pre implant, professional scaling, fingerprinting
3rd day : dental implants and temporary teeth
4th or 5th day : consultation control before departure.

A healing phase is 3 to 6 months to observe before installation of dentures.

> Step 2: installation of crown and bridge on implant

Be between 5 and 10 working days, variable length depending on the number of crown or bridge ceramic ask.

Through our integrated laboratory to the clinic dentures, we can offer the installation of metal-ceramic crowns and ceramic zirconium implant.

The dental implants in Spain, in our clinic pose, is performed under local anesthesia in an operating room dedicated to implantology.

All these criteria make the dental clinic El Cedro, one of the best and safest regarding the placement of dental implants in Spain.

The price of a dental implant in Spain

The dental implants in Spain and particularly in our clinic pose, is very advantageous for our French patients because rates of dental implants are about 40-50% cheaper than in France.

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