Lenght of stay ?

Depending on your treatment, the duration of your stay in Tenerife varies :

The positioning of dental implants follows a strict protocol in 2-stroke, which involve 2 trips to the completion of their treatment;

Positioning a ceramic bridge of 3-4 units requires a stay of 5 days,

Positioning a ceramic dental crown requires a stay of 4-6 days. The length of stay depends on the number of crowns we need to make.

A classic treatment of beautifying your smile will require a stay of 6-8 days and, in terms of whitening, it's only a session of about 1.30 hours.

The clinic can help organize your plane ticket reservations, hotel, transportation... Contact us.

Location stay ?

Plan your stay in the Canary Islands, enjoying a great quality of life, a small paradise with an ideal climate all year round. 400 km of coastline, immense sandy beaches, a nature reserve classified UNESCO world heritage site for its amazing volcanic landscapes, and an ideal place to admire the aquatic fauna home to dolphins and whales... simply stunning, one of Spain's true treasures ! Between your dental appointments, it is very easy to escape and take advantage of all the beauty of its islands helping your dental experience to be more relaxed and enjoyable.

Applied technologies ?

The technologies applied in our clinic are the latest available : Flapless technique, immediate loading, sinus lift and allow for better management and consideration of the problems of each. The use of implants recognized European brands, guarantees the quality of materials used.

Against indications ?

The positioning of an implant is simple and hassle free when performed by an experienced implantologist. However, it is still a surgical procedure and therefore is contraindicated frail at heart (recent infarction, severe heart failure...) or people with immune disorders, psychiatric, cancer and bone diseases. It also requires great caution in case of diabetes, smoking, drug abuse, pregnancy, alcoholism...
The main complications are: anesthetic risk, rejection, infection, nerve damage, hemorrhage.
Before any surgery, tell your dentist accurately and realistically about your medical history.

Post op ?

It is essential to follow instructions given by your dentist at the end of treatment, because they are adapted to each case. Perfect dental hygiene is, in any case, necessary and taking medications other than those recommended by your dentist, is prohibited, because it could cause complications.